Jesper Winther, Executive Creative Director, Radstone Group
Jesper Winther, Executive Creative Director, Radstone Group

Jesper Winther


Executive Creative Director



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Jesper is a Digital Creative Director with a track record of driving industry-leading work for the world’s most iconic brands and products. He’s lead digital teams and agencies across the UK, USA, and Scandinavia, and previously held the position of Global Digital Creative Director at Merchant Cantos.

His experience includes creative development of digital products for sports brands such as Adidas and Nike, driving innovation in health tech with AstraZeneca and strategising for the future with tech-giants like Facebook and Google. As the Executive Creative Director at Radstone, he provides creative vision to help our clients imagine brighter futures and build them.

A self-proclaimed ‘quantifiable creative,’ Jesper is serious about the interplay of creativity and data in steering businesses into a future continually morphed by digital innovations. He’s currently furthering his expertise with a Data Science degree, fuelled by his excitement for how data transforms our self-awareness and global insights while bringing accuracy to creativity.